Five Planets

In some space somewhere, Five planets levitated, Round and round, Crisscross, Colliding - abiding, Extra solar, celestial, There was no sun, And there was no light, Some good music and vibe to it, Some gravity too, Not the physical force, Something collectivist. I wish the planets were humans.


Wars and Gods

The war was on the brink. Citizens and civilians all marched To the edge of the town For one last prayer. Kids turned to theirs mothers, Mothers and fathers Who knew they cant do anything But pray to god, the chaos And put blame on god, the chaos. The planes flew overhead, no surprises. The … Continue reading Wars and Gods


He was a castle of guilt And she, a house of pain Absolutely no match Magma and meteor showers And hailstorms Set the path for combustion What would have been an engine Became an explosion Nothing was to be left out of it But I still find some bones Walking through the trails Sick to … Continue reading Numb